In an attempt to vary the content of this incredibly important blog (your number one resource for posts featuring an old timey picture, a picture of jewelry, and a modern timey picture), I'm going to share a conversation I had with my best friend today.  I am the faceless icon, she is UofM.

okay so random story from my day...i realized after i got to work that i had inadvertently dressed like a newsie...i was trying to tell someone and every girl's office i went to was like what is newsies?
wait, you know newsies right?


oh jesus christ

 okay newsies was christian bales first movie, it was like a disney channel high school musical before high school musical existed and much more awesome

basically about a bunch of depression era newsboys that sing dance and go on strike for workers rights

pretty much the best movie ever....and i completely dressed like one of the newsboys today, like how could i be so stupid

im wearing really cute plaid cropped ankly skinnies, really cute brown lace up shoesies, a really cute purple chunky cardigan thing, and a cute white shirt....all cute on their own, the combined effect is definitely 1930s poor child who has to sell newspapers for a pence to survive

 Carrying the Banner!

"They Found the Courage to Challenge the Powerful!" That's right, me and my guys, fighting injustice and dancing up a storm.

We don't take shit from no one.  We our united by our Plaids, Tweeds and an unquenchable thirst for justice in the face of inequality.